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We provide a fast and secure electronic medical record for mobile environments and low resource settings: the ability to track your patient roster, easily share medical records and prescriptions, and access point of care, evidence based decision support relevant to medical missions.

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Reliable and secure patient records

Decision support for medical service trips

Shareable pdf chart production

An intuitive interface with customizable medical shorthand

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Commitment to Privacy

Our goal is full HIPAA/PHIPA compliance. Sensitive patient information is password protected, and patient charts are fully encrypted. Local data is automatically purged from your mobile device after a set time interval. Read more about our privacy policies, or download our Privacy Impact Assessment below.

pdfPrivacy Impact Assessment January 16, 2016 pdfSummary Version


Christopher DaintonChristopher Dainton
Dr. Christopher Dainton attended medical school at the University of Toronto, and currently practices as an Emergency Physician in multiple hospitals in Ontario, Canada. An avid traveler, he has visited 13 countries in Latin America both backpacking and while working on multiple medical service trips. His research interests are centered around global health and in the development of clinical best practice guidelines for clinicians traveling to low resource settings.
Charlene ChuCharlene Chu
Charlene Chu is a Registered Nurse and nursing PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. Her passion is intervention research and all things high tech, including research examining how a mobile interface influences the performance of clinicians. Aside from practical nursing experience, she excels in the implementation and evaluation of healthcare innovations in clinical practice settings.
Michael MartinelloMichael Martinello
Michael Martinello received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at York University. He has a track record of growing businesses, with most of his experience in the consumer packaged goods industry. His business management expertise ensures strong strategic direction for this new venture.
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